This is a private guided tour of the falls, clients will have their personal guide , they will have no other clients joining them. They will have expat guide that will take them through out all the trails in the Fall with elaborate explanations.

  • Category: VICTORIA FALLS
  • Duration: 04:00 Hours
  • Address: Plot 4035 Sichango Rd, Livingstone, Zambia (Map)
  • More Info: HOST NAME: Boris Palicha MEETING POINT: Chrisma Hotel


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MEETING POINT: Chrisma Hotel

What`s included with the service:

- Snacks

- Soft drinks

- Bottled Water

Clients will be given a private guided  tour of the Fall. They will taken through all the trails, the water falls and all the thrilling sites of the falls. They get a pre-tour briefing at the archaeological monument at the entrance of the Falls after-which they will visit the Second World War Statue. This statues has all the British soldiers that died during the war. After this historical preamble then the tour begins. They will visit the Boiling Point, which is the lowest point in the falls below the Victoria Falls Bridge. They will also pass through the Rain Forest, cross over the Knife Bridge and visit all the Water Falls.